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Positive Behaviour Learning- PBL

This program is a "consistent, school-wide system of support that helps define, teach and support appropriate student behaviours, creating a quality school environment".

It is for all schools, all students and all staff. PBL helps to make schools better places to live, work and learn. It does so by giving schools the tools to build comprehensive, school-wide systems that support academic and social-emotional and behavioural learning for all students."

At our school, we will be focusing on the value of "Respect" over the next term, with each teacher planning a lesson that the whole school does EACH MONDAY. This lesson will then be reinforced throughout the week in class, in the playground and at assemblies. During Term 2, 2016 we will be beginning our focus on RESPONSIBILITY.

How can you help your child with PBL?

Please ask your child what we talked about during the PBL lessons each week. You can positively reinforce and talk about the lessons, constantly reminding your child of the core values in which we are focusing.

This program will form the basis with our new Well Being Policy which now needs to be further developed. There will be a section of our newsletter, each week, dedicated to PBL so please support us by reinforcing our school focus areas at home.

Each week we will add a link to the lesson which has been taught in PBL so all families can review what the children have learned in PBL that week. We hope that all families take the opportunity to reinforce these elements of Respect at home. PBL will be continually referred to in our weekly newsletters as well so all families are familiar with the values we are targeting as a part of this program.

PBL documents

I need to share the playground (Week 9 Term 3)

I ensure the playground is safe (Week 10 Term 3)

I Wash my hands after play (Week 8 Term 3)

Unsupervised responsibility (Week 4 Term 3) (doc 37 KB)

Roles (Week 7, Term 2)

I care for others (Week 6, Term 2)

I look after myself (Week 5 term 2)

I use seating appropriately (doc 33 KB)

Waiting Quietly in assembly (doc 541 KB) Poster Waiting Quielty (docx 16 KB)

Waiting Patiently (docx 16 KB)Waiting Patiently pictures (docx 143 KB)

Caring for school environment and property (Week 7 Term 1))

I move safely and quietly.. (pdf 37 KB) (Week 2 Term 2)

Showing care (pdf 60 KB)(Week 6 Term 1 2016)

Following Adult Instruction (Week 9 Term 3) 

Positive Body Language( Week 2 Term 4) 

I listen to others' points (Week 3 Term 4)

I listen effectively (Week 4 Term 4) whole body chart (Week 4 Term 4)

Without Interruptions (docx 15 KB) (Week 5 Term 4)

classroom environment (docx 147 KB) (Week 6 Term 4)

different learning styles (pdf 418 KB)

I keep the toilet area clean (docx 37 KB)

Using bathroom time wisely (Week 2 Term 3) (docx 226 KB)