Iona Public School

Learning Together in Harmony

Telephone02 4930 1415

School routines

Bell times

Before-school supervision commences at 8:45am and students are required to remain near the covered area outside the classrooms. Teachers supervise the playground at all times during recess and lunch.

Changes to student information

Any changes to student information should be notified immediately to the school, either verbally, Skolbag or in writing, to allow us to keep accurate records and contact details for all students. Teachers also need to be notified of any major incidents or changes in students' lives which could impact on their ability to learn.

Lost property

Parents are asked to ensure that all property which students bring to school is clearly labelled with their name.  Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own belongings, and any property left at the school is returned to the student the next day.   Unclaimed and unlabelled items are donated to charity.