Iona Public School

Learning Together in Harmony

Telephone02 4930 1415

About our school

Our small school, whilst being sensitive to the specific needs of individual students, fosters our mission statement "Learning Together in Harmony". Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and actions and to develop and become responsible citizens. Our appropriate learning programs and student welfare policy all ensure students develop and experience success at their own level in a caring, enjoyable and supportive learning environment.

We also provide a safe and nurturing learning environment that develops respect, understanding and responsibility and allows our motto, Learning Together in Harmony, to guide student development.

The individual needs of students are catered for in teaching and learning programs, which are flexible and cover a broad range of subjects.  The students' well-being is catered for across their social, emotional and academic learning.

View the school information booklet (1219 KB) for more information.

School history

There has been a school at Woodville since 1850.  The current school site has been occupied since 1879 with the current school building erected in 1946.  A detailed history of the school is available from the school Parents and Citizens' Association, which published a history of the school to coincide with the celebration of the school's sesqui-centenary celebrations in 2000.  The book is $10.00 and can be purchased by contacting the school.

Visit the Maitland Learning Community website for more information.